Beautiful Landscape Changes

We are happy to offer our customers options for improving the existing landscape of their homes or businesses. We carry beautiful trees, shrubs, and bedding plants, perfect for refreshing your outdoor spaces! Sometimes just changing the color scheme of your planters can make a big difference; we are always changing the décor inside our homes, why not outdoors too?

We have everything you need to create a landscape that is uniquely your own. Not only do we have a large selection of plants and trees, but we also have a wonderful selection of wrought-iron and concrete yard décor.

Start Your Outdoor Makeover by Landscaping

Begin by cleaning up the area, remove broken and fallen branches, deadhead old growth, take out dead or dying plants, rake and tidy up. This will give you a good sense of what areas need to be addressed. Trim back overgrown shrubs and limb up trees to give them a better shape. If you have a lawn area, check for low or empty spots, fill in and reseed as needed.

Stand back and look at the overall picture, how does everything look, is it balanced, or do you need to fill in empty spots with that perfect plant or tree; keep in mind the space the plants will take up when fully grown.

Finish by checking your watering system, straightening borders, and top-dressing beds with fresh mulch. With a little basic maintenance your landscape will look nicer and be healthier!

Landscaping with Wyntour Gardens

Our staff can assist you in picking out plants that will look and grow well with each other. If you need ideas, bring in a sketch or picture of the area and we will be happy to help with suggestions.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Your garden area may be drought prone, but there are many plants, flowers and shrubs that are able to grow and thrive once established, with minimal water. Visit us at Wyntour Gardens to see what drought resistant plants are available.

Edible Landscape

Beautify your yard by landscaping with herbs, fruit trees and vegetable plants that can live easily alongside of ornamental ones.

Need Help with Landscaping?

Our staff at Wyntour Gardens would be happy to help you pick out plants and give you information to help with your landscaping projects. Whether you’re a seasoned landscaper or shaping your first garden, Wyntour Garden has the perfect plants to set the stage for a beautiful landscape!

From the best mulches, tools, resources, and high-quality plants, we have got you covered! Do you want to incorporate garden friendly décor? We have that too! Come in to Wyntour Gardens and see for yourself what we have for your project.